La Gazelle D'Or Geneve

African Village

Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant

Our family's recipes from Eritrea brought to Geneva

Serving best Eritrean and Ethiopian food since 1992.

Thank you for choosing to dine with us! We will strive to make this a truly different and mstimulating dining experience. The fact that you are gastronomically adventurous, bodes well for both you and us!

Best Eritrean And Ethiopian food in Geneva

How to Eat...

Diners eat from the same large platter, using their fingers and pieces of
the traditional bread, "injera", to enwrap morsels of food for
consumption. The breaking of bread together has a strong social
significance in Ethiopia and Eritrea, where it is considered essential to
building and maintaining strong bonds of friendship and loyality.


Event Cuisine Services

The dishes are based on vegetables and meat, subtly or robustly seasoned with a rich variety of native herbs and spices to bring out natural flavors. Careful and skillful food preparation and service enhance your dining pleasure.

These hearty dishes are distinctive for their use of “berbere”, a favourite seasoning based on red peppers combined with “niter kibbeh”, an herb butter, and onions and numerous other spices which
give them an unforgettable flavour.

Best Eritrean And Ethiopian food in Geneva

Suitable For Vegetarian

“Alechas” are the most delicately seasoned dishes. These do not
contain “berbere”, but are flavoured with “niter kibbeh” and other
subtler spices.  

                                            Bon Appétit ! ብሩኽ መአዲ!

Our Culture

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A Few Words About Us

Serving best Eritrean and Ethiopian food since 1992.

Indulge in the rich and vibrant flavors of Ethiopia and Eritrea at our exquisite restaurant nestled in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. Transport yourself to the horn of Africa as you savor the culinary traditions of these two culturally diverse nations. Our menu boasts a tantalizing array of aromatic dishes, from traditional injera bread paired with an array of savory stews to flavorful lentil and vegetable dishes, all meticulously prepared with authentic spices and time-honored techniques. Experience the warmth of Ethiopian and Eritrean hospitality in a cozy and inviting ambiance, where every visit becomes a journey through the tastes and traditions of East Africa.

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